Di bagian tengah bioskop dan Neuroton komik di Berlin

Let them eat crack, an allusion to ‘let them eat cake', a quote allegedly by Queen Marie-Antoinette

From monkeys to mice, from overzealous police officers to the Queen of England, Banksy has done it all. The British “art terrorist” whose work has become an underground masterpiece is the creator of some of the most unique graffiti artwork today


"I don't believe in global warming" Clever Graffiti by Banksy

“Most homeless people have moved on but their problems haven't gone away.(link)

Washington Mutual in California, US.

Graffiti of a stick figure holding a gun to the head of another with the caption "capitalism"; pictured in Lübeck, Germany, on November 21, 2006.(link)

Economy is dead!

Graffiti on the walls of the Bank of England in London.(link)