Sajak Mata-Mata' (Poem of Spies)

Ada suara bising di bawah tanah.
Ada suara gaduh di atas tanah,
Ada ucapan-ucapan kacau di antara rumah-rumah.
Ada tangis tak menentu di tengah sawah.
Dan, lho, ini di belakang saya,
ada tentara marah-marah.

Mata Rakyat sudah dicabut.
Rakyat meraba-raba di dalam kasak-kusuk.
Mata pemerintah juga diancam bencana.
Mata pemerintah memakai kacamata hitam.
Terasing di belakang meja kekuasaan.
Mata pemerintah yang sejati
Sudah diganti mata-mata.

There are whispers underground
There are noisy voices above ground
There are confused words going from one house to another
There is indistinct weeping out in the rice fields.
And look, right behind me,
There are angry soldiers too.

The people's eyes have been torn out.
They grope around among rumours and intrigues.
The government's eyes are also threatened with disaster.
The eyes of government wear dark glasses,
Isolated behind the desks of power.
The true eyes of government
Have all been replaced by spies.


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